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Items are located in San Diego, CA, USA. Local pick up is always an option.
My home is always smoke free, but I do have a cat. Please be aware of this if you have allergies.
I ship to anywhere in the world at your expense, via USPS. First Class under 13oz, Priority over 13oz to the US. First Class International when able to anywhere in the world. Very rarely do I have to use Priority International.
I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items once the package has been turned over to the Post Office.
If the item was horribly mis-represented or for some reason does not work, a refund will be issued, but only if you ship the item back yourself. The post office does not refund shipping costs; neither do I.
I'm usually only interested in trading for something on my wishlist unless I initiate the trade first. Don't take it personal if I don't want to trade with you, 'kay?

You are more than welcome to inquire about shipping at any time, even before you place an order!
I accept PayPal, USPS or international money orders, or conceal cash in USD. PayPal is preferred for a faster, more secure transaction.
Prices do not include shipping as a combination purchase will merit a discount.
Shipping will be added at the end of the total. I also charge a small handling fee, which varies with your total.
All payments must be in USD (United States Dollars). If you need a currency converter, use XE. :)
Items are shipped with care including cardboard, bubble envelopes, and bubble wrap, depending on the item, and often-times these materials are "recycled".
If you would like insurance, please ask. As I have said before, I cannot be responsible for a package once it is placed in the hands of the Post Office.
I usually ship on Monday &/or Friday. PayPal will send you your tracking number if you are in the US, or if you opted for Priority International. I will usually add a first class customs form to the transaction, but if I forget, feel free to ask.


Whether you are 100% happy or just a little disappointed to (hopefully never) completely unhappy with your purchase and how the transaction went, please leave feedback here. Comments, suggestions, ect are also welcome in your feedback statement. Please put your feedback score (Positive, Neutral, or Negative) in the subject line.

Again, I thank you for your business and your honest feedback, comments, and opinions.

It would be helpful to me if you'd use this format, but it's not required~ It makes it easier to reciprocate and give you feedback in return. ^^

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This is the sales journal of tsuki_no_eifie.
Beautiful Henshin

セーラームーン オンリ!

Last Updated: 30 APR 2015

Haggling is permitted within reason, but I generally try to keep my prices as low as possible.
NO HOLDS. Shipping quotes are held for 12 hours, then the item(s) will go to next in line.

All sale items are now being posted to Facebook for easy sharing.
You may of course leave a comment here or PM me if you'd rather not use Facebook. :)
*Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated.*

Find these and many more at my sales page; Amulet's Trinkets! :D

[Old sales post under spoiler but not updated.]

NEW 2014 Mobile Tote - MIP - $8

Sailor Mars Star Earrings - worn once for cosplay, excellent condition - $25
Sailor Mars Ofuda Seals - new, 2 stickers in package - $8

Custom Necklace - made by someone on LJ, can't remember who - $4

Sailor Uranus & Neptune Doujinshi Nail Clippers - $4 each, $6 set
New, never opened or used. These nail clippers feature doujinshi art, which of course means they are fan-made. Very cute~

More Photos: No flash | Being worn
Custom Ginzuishou Cosplay Necklace - $10
Glass crystal on a necklace made of gold plated findings (not pure, obviously). Length can vary if you wish, as it's made to order. Just one left~